Basement & Foundation Waterproofing for All Properties

Strongmen Waterproofing helps you with sump pumps and French drain installations. We perform reliable repair works on foundations such as water leak repairs, basement restoration, etc. We also are excellent at what we do and can easily complete any construction in and around the house. We are available 24/7 for emergency jobs.

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Basement & Foundation Services by Strongmen Waterproofing

We're the folks you call when you need to keep your basement and foundation free from water damage. We look at everything from the ground up to make sure water stays away from your home. Our team at Strongmen Waterproofing uses smart, tested ways to fix any water problem, big or small, so you can relax knowing your home is safe and sound.

Foundation waterproofing

Think of your home's foundation like its legs. Just like you need strong legs to stand, your home needs a strong foundation to stay up. We check the ground around your home, look for any signs of water trouble, and use the best tools and materials to fix them. This way, your home stays upright, dry, and happy, no matter the weather.

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Basement wall waterproofing

Your basement walls hold up your home and keep the outside, well, outside. When water tries to sneak through, it can cause all sorts of problems. That's where we come in. We've got inside and outside tricks to stop water from getting through your walls, using special sealants and systems designed to keep your basement walls dry.

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Basement floor waterproofing

A wet basement floor is more than just a nuisance—it can signify bigger problems. We take this seriously by sealing up cracks and making sure no water can get through. Our sealants and techniques keep your floor dry and make your basement a better place for storage, playrooms, or whatever you dream up.

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Exterior basement waterproofing

The best fight against water damage is a good defense. We start by making sure water can't even get close to your home's foundation with outside barriers and smart landscaping. It might mean digging around your home or installing drains that catch water. It's like giving your home a raincoat and umbrella so it stays dry no matter what.

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Interior basement waterproofing

Even with the best outside defenses, sometimes water gets sneaky and finds a way inside. That's no problem. That's why we have sump pumps and interior systems that quickly move any water that gets in and right back out. We make sure these systems are always ready to go, so even if water does get in, it won't stay for long.

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Basement systems

We think of everything when it comes to keeping your basement dry. We have a whole toolbox of solutions, from pumps that whisk water away to gadgets that keep the air dry. Our team can customize these tools to fit your basement perfectly, ensuring it stays dry, useful, and a great part of your home.

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Basement Repair Services

Basement repair

We're all about keeping your basement in tip-top shape, tackling anything from tiny cracks that let in water to bigger projects that might need a bit more elbow grease. We make sure every fix is solid, lasting, and keeps water where it belongs—outside.

Basement leak repair

We don't just fix leaks, we prevent them from recurring. Our team acts swiftly, identifying the source of water infiltration and applying the appropriate remedy. Our aim is to eliminate leaks permanently, ensuring your basement remains dry and comfortable.

Basement crack repair

Cracks in your basement can be a gateway for water. We seal these cracks with high-quality materials that not only repel water but also reinforce the area. It's like applying a band-aid to a wound but with materials that are significantly stronger and more durable.

Basement wall repair

Bent or cracked basement walls can scare any homeowner. But don't worry, we have ways to fix them so they're straight and strong again. Depending on what your basement walls need, we might use special straps or even steel beams to get them back in shape.

Drainage Solutions

Sump pumps

These are like your basement's personal water movers. If water collects in your basement, the sump pump kicks in and sends it away from your home, keeping your basement dry.

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French drains

A French drain is a secret path that water takes to escape from your home. We install it around your home to catch water and send it away, keeping your basement dry and your foundation safe.

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Strongmen Waterproofing Locations

The team from Strongmen Waterproofing is eager to serve your waterproofing, foundation repair, and drainage solution needs all throughout New England.

Strongmen Waterproofing Massachusetts

476 Pearl St.

Stoughton, MA 02703

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Strongmen Waterproofing Rhode Island

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Providence, RI 02903

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Strongmen Waterproofing Connecticut

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Hartford, CT 06105

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I called Strongmen Waterproofing after ending up with a lot of water in my basement following a heavy rain storm. Mark and Mo were prompt, professional and very helpful throughout the entire process.
– Vin Socci

Strongmen Waterproofing is ready to work for you in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut! Get a quote today by calling (508) 709-6101

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